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What does ‘Chauffeuring’ include?

This term encompasses all activities that require a car. For instance, if you have an appointment to be at, I can drive you there and pick you up at an arranged time. You can also use this service: to complete your daily shop in bigger towns to prevent waiting for buses; to get to a friend’s house; to get to the airport; or simply to go out for the day.

What if my loved one or I needs help with other services not listed in the prices?

I also offer some additional services free of charge, like technological assistance (e.g setting up telephones, printers, Skype, social media platforms, calling abroad etc.)

What does ‘administering medication’ specify?


I do have full training in prompting taking medication, safely administering dosset box prescribed medications, and applying prescription emollients and cream substances. I can administer medication with written consent from a family representative.

What if I am not in the current catchment area for your services?

My business is always expanding, so in future there is no doubt that I can send a carer specially catered for your needs to your region. However, at this time, I can offer a calling service, which will provide you helpful advice, and companionship. Just arrange a time through the booking form and I will get back to you!

What if I live and am cared for in an area that you provide for, but am out of the catchment area for when my next booking arrives?

I can make special exception arrangements for one-off visits to relatives or friends, and provide you all the same care you would typically get from me, just in a different location. This will incur an extra one-off mileage price that is a transparent fee of £10.

Does your availability vary from week to week?

If you are a new or returning customer, there is a guaranteed place for you in the schedule every week once I have an established care plan and applicable documents filed for you. The times may vary from week to week, but the hours will be consistent and we can discuss in full what slots are best suited for you on the day before the upcoming week.

What if you, myself or my loved one notices something concerning in my care?

It is within the safeguarding protocol of Charisma Care to record and pursue any changes in behaviour. We have excellent references to utilise, to get the best help possible with social workers, private GPs and counsellors. A formal letter will be issued to acknowledge these concerns and find the best conclusion both the client and the family deem appropriate.

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